School Trip to Ashdown Forest – June 2022

On Wednesday 29th June, Earth class took part in a science based trip to Ashdown Forest in search of mini-beasts and their habitats. Our day began in the woodland part of Ashdown Forest, where we pretended what it might be like to be a mini-beast, particularly a centipede. By walking blindfolded (as centipedes have poor eyesight) we learnt how they use their antennae to navigate. We then continued our search for their habitats by searching the woodland area for different mini-beasts and described where they lived. We then continued walking in the woodland area, looking high above in the canopy for birds, squirrels and flying insects. Throughout the morning we also learnt about the habits of animals in Ashdown Forest including woodpecker knocking calls and hiding like deer. After lunch we then went into the heathland part of Ashdown Forest and learnt about the habits of bees, and a unique bird called a nightjar. We learnt that a nightjar comes all the way from Africa to nest in this part of England in the summer, creating its nest on the ground. While the weather was not the best, this didn’t dampen our fun as we leant so much about this place, the species that call Ashdown Forest home and the different habitats that make up such a beautiful spot.