Metro Bank Visits

On the 28th Of November 2019, Metro Bank visited our school. Gareth and Sophie (two workers from the bank) gave an explanation on what Metro Bank did. They first tested us on our knowledge of banks and gave us a booklet to fill in which was full of games and quiz’s. After that we learnt more about the bank such as what ATM stands for (automated teller machine). Later on, we learnt about vaults and how the public put important items in these.

When we visited Metro Bank (December the 3rd) we went to see the vaults. There were different sizes of safety deposit box’s: very small, small, medium and large. We were allowed to go in to the vault and see the safety deposit box’s, Gareth even let us play a game where we had to find a special deposit number! We broke into some which had valuables inside (lollies). We also saw the magic money which you put your money in and it counts it for you. We also held foreign money and examined it. The best bit though was when we met Metro Man! We got high fives and hugs. It was a whole lot of fun.

Written by Dexter