Digital Leaders


We are the Digital Leaders of St Peter’s CEP School  

This year the Digital Leaders are going to focus on helping to raise the profile of educational apps and software amongst staff and pupils. As well as reinforcing what we already know about how to keep safe on the internet. We have been updating staff and pupils with our ‘App of the term’ which we introduce every half term, to try to encourage use of the iPads and apps available. These have included: Mathletics, Keynote and GarageBand. This year we have Digital Leaders from year 1 – 6, this means we have children trained in every class to help assist with the technical issues of dealing with all of the wonderful new technology that we have available in school.

We will also update parents and pupils on a termly basis by producing a newsletter with top tips about e-safety, this will be made available on the school website. We also helped to organise and prepare the school for Safer Internet Day, which took place on Tuesday 6th February 2018. The theme was:

Create, Connect and Share Respect

A better internet starts with you

We organised an assembly for the whole school and a competition to design an e-safety bookmark that will be produced for every child in the school, to help remind them on a daily basis of the importance on staying safe online and what to do if we have any questions.

We have some great video links you might want to look at linking to online safety.

KS1: videos from Hectors World-


We will also make sure the school website is up-to-date with the best e-safety websites, such as: Think U Know where you can play games that will teach you how to keep safe when using the internet. These are the links to the websites we have just mentioned, just click: ctrl and then click.


Think U Know-


Some of us will also be going into staff meetings and teaching the staff about E-Safety and new apps on the iPads. This will help to support the staff on how to correctly use the software and the new apps. 

We have also continued to help distribute the iPads every morning to each class, so that they can use the iPads for early morning work.

Remember to come and see us if you need any help and we will do our best to support you in anything digital!

Our Digital Leaders this year 2017-18 are:

Bisma, Emilee, Jack K, Jacob, George J, Elizabeth E, Charlie Mew, Joshua L, Charlie S, George We, Hannah W & Hannah M