Year 6 to Rochester Church Schools' Festival

  On 12th June 2019, Year 6 were lucky to go to Rochester Cathedral to gain an understanding of what happens in Holy Communion. When we got there we were greeted by a spectacular cathedral with a huge stain glass window and a one of the highest ceilings we had ever seen before! We were split into two different groups and went off to do separate activities. Group A’s first activity was to practice a play they were going to perform later in the day – a story from the bible called the Paralyzed Man. Group B’s first activity was to go into a completely different building from the wondrous cathedral to practise our singing so we were extra loud for the service in the afternoon.

During the day we also completed other activities; one had a focus on prayer. We made a hand and then on it put 5 things that we should thank God for; there were also other prayers were wrote that we displayed on rocks and plasters! The activity the children enjoyed the most was the key ring/ bracelet activity. We thought of all the memories through our journey at primary school and each colour we added to our creation meant a special thing. After a rather soggy lunch time, we got ready for the service.

The Bishop entered the Cathedral with his long draping robes and oversized collar. He read out some prayers in the candle light and we all sang songs with the organ playing in the background. Then it was time to go up and either take a gift, get a blessing or be given the bread and wine. The service ended with a song as all the different schools left the Cathedral. A fun day where we learnt a lot!