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School Council

School Council

Children on our school council are elected by the other children in their class. Children write a manifesto and then campaign to be elected. This leads to our exciting Election Day when children complete a secret ballot to elect their school council representatives.

For the academic year 2023-24 the school council members are:-


Jupiter Class School Council Representatives

Lola E

Henryk S


Saturn Class School Council Representatives

Lily S

Isaac S


Mercury Class School Council Representatives

Elliott F

Ada G


Neptune Class School Council Representatives

Henner C

Adeline C


Earth Class School Council Representatives

Fiona M

Sebby P


Pluto Class School Council Representatives

Austin A

Mattie L-M


School Charity

Every year all of the children in the school are given the opportunity to suggest possibilities for the school charity.  All of these ideas are collated and the school council representatives from each class share a small bit of information about each one with their class and the children then vote to select which one they want to support.


This year the chosen charity is Hospice in the Weald.