Invictus Games

As part of our PE learning this term we are learning about inclusive game of Invictus group games. Founded by the Duke of Sussex, The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. The Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation. The word 'Invictus' means 'unconquered', chosen to embody the fighting spirit of wounded, injured and sick service personnel. By taking part in challenges around some of these modified sports, the children will learn new activities while learning about how to be inclusive for all to take part.  

Week 1 Challenge – Dangerball!

The challenge this week involved both problem solving and accuracy at throwing. The game is simple, staying behind your team’s line, children must use ammo to throw at a ‘jack’ (big ball) in an attempt to move it towards the other team. The game stopped when the ‘jack’ rolled past a team’s line or when time was up. Children had to think quickly and work as a team to both attack the ‘Jack’ and defend their line. 

Week 2 – Throlf

This week we tried the game Throlf (Golf but throwing a.k.a Throlf). Using hoops as our holes, bean bags as our golf ball, and our arms as a gold club we had to throw the bean bag into a hoop that was quite a distance away. However we had to avoid hazards on our golf course including water (blue cones), sand traps (yellow cones) and trees (green cones). The person who threw the least amount of times to get into the hoop won the hole.

Week 3 - The order game

This week for our work on Invictus games in PE we learnt how to play the game ‘The order game’. In smaller groups we had to arrange ourselves based on different options, such as high order, shoe size, hand size or birthdays. The added challenge to this team activity was that for each new ordering we had to communicate in a different way. Only certain people could talk or move, no one could talk, or we even had to order ourselves by closing our eyes. It was quite a challenge to problem solve each of our different ordering options.

Week 4 – Shape Swappers

This week we continued our team building skills by playing an activity called Shape Swappers. In groups we had to make different shapes with our bodies, communicating together to be the first team finished. The game was then made more challenging when only a few of us were allowed to talk or even when some of us were only able to move. The ultimate challenge was trying to make the shapes with our eyes closed. We had to rely on our team leader to communicate to us where we should move to create the shape in the quickest time.