SCARF LifeDome workshop with Harold the Giraffe

On Tuesday 15th March, Earth Class took part in a PSHE lesson with a visitor from Life Education. Following our PSHE programme of SCARF, we had a special classroom set up in the hall where we first explored the main parts of our body, including our skeleton, circulatory system,  digestive system and respiratory systems. We then spoke about what our body needs to live and why it is important to have each of these things (oxygen, water, food, etc…). this then turned into a conversation about the different types of feelings we can have. We then had a special visit from Harold the Giraffe and were invited to join him at a fancy-dress party. At the party we learnt about how different people may have been feeling based on differing situations that happened there. We helped Harold recognise different feelings of his friends Derek the Penguin and Kiki the Kangaroo. The session finished with a song and dance about keeping fit and having fun!