Earth and Space

This term we have been learning about space. First we made the planets in our Solar System with playdoh and showed the different sizes and details. We also ordered them from biggest to largest.

The next week we worked independently and had a piece of paper to draw the planets and write the different (interesting) facts about each planet for example, did you know Jupiter has over 50 moons, Wow!

Then, the week after we did a very exciting arty science lesson. The Science lesson was where we got into groups of 2-4 we used string marbling and painting to create our unique planets, With that art work we stuck it on our science display board.

The following week we looked at the Lunar Cycle. We were really lucky as we had to make phases of the moon with OREOS!

This week we sketched the moon using our art skills and using different techniques of shading. We learnt about Circulism, Crosshatching, Stumbling and Hatching. Each of us did it by ourselves and we all did a great job.