Poetry and GPS

Jupiter have been trying to incorporate the grammar we have been learning into more creative pieces of writing. Here are some fantastic examples of poems using the subjunctive form (if I were…)

If I were a colour

I’d be yellow

And be the sun feeding the galaxy

If I were yellow

If I were black

I’d be space

Lit up eventually by stars

If I were black


If I were a car

I’d be a Lamborghini

Zooming down the Italian highways

To buy me you’d need a big money bag

I’d be so fast you’d think I’m Houdini

If I were a Lamborghini


If I were an animal

I’d be a lion

I’d be feasting

I’d be resting

I’d be chasing


If I were an an ostrich

I’d be sticking my neck in the ground

I’d be kind instead of nasty

If I were an ostrich


If I were a colour

I’d be red

The bloody inside a body

The fiery anger people hide

The flames dancing in a building


If I were yellow

I’d be the dandelions dancing in the wind

I’d be the shimmering sun

I’d be happiness inside a body


If I were an animal

I’d be the red ant that bit you

The mouse who ate all your cheese

The bed bug that’s with you

The dog that bit your right on the nose

If I were an animal


If I were some food

I’d be the cabbage your mum hid in your pizza

A pickled pickle pickling in a pickle jar

An evil avocado eating away at you

The apple that bonked Newton on the head

If I were a food



If I were a colour

I would be orange

I’d be a clownfish swimming around the sea

I’d be the fallen leaves on an autumn tree

If I were orange


If I were a colour

I would be blue

I’d be a butterfly zooming in a forest

I’d be the calming ocean waves on a sandy beach

If I were blue


If I were a colour

I would be green

I’d be the three lucky leaves on a clover

I’d be the grass growing in the fields

If I were green