Jupiter Class Activities 2022-23


 Visit to Kent Life


Jupiter spend the day at Kent Life Museum in Maidstone and they were evacuated back to 1939! The children really got in to the spirit of things by dressing as WW2 evacuated children and spent the day learning about life in the 1940's during the war and even learnt how to make a rug using old rags. It was a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed by all! 




Image 1 – The children had a ride on a tractor around the Kent Life site, being able to see all of the different war offices from the outside.

Image 2 – Here are the children making their rag rugs. We learnt how to make rugs to keep our homes warm and patch clothing that was damaged.

Image 3 and Image 4– This was a lesson with an RAF Navigation controller who taught us how to plot a route on the map and identify where the German’s would be likely to drop their bombs!

Image 5 – An air raid warden was talking to us about his job and reminding us of how we need to be cautious at all times when the siren goes off!

Image 6 – Here are the children in their WW2 Evacuee outfits, we couldn’t believe the effort made by all!