Saturn Class

Class Teacher Mrs Jayne Sowerby

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Zoe Taylor


Saturn class consists of 10 Year 5 children and 20 Year 4 children.


Class Information Letters



Saturn Class Activities

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Curriculum Information

Year 4 Maths Standards - Number

Year 4 Maths Standards - Geometry and Measure

Year 5 Maths Standards - Number

Year 5 Maths Standards - Geometry and Measure

Ways to support your child's learning


‚ÄčThese websites include games to help develop your child's maths skills.

In particular, the decimals, fractions and factors sections

Addition and Subtraction game‚Äč

Family games

Here are some fun games that you can play together as a family to support your child's mental maths skills.

·       Yahtzee

·       Monopoly

·       Uno

·       Rummikub

·       Triominoes