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Mercury Class Assembly

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On Thursday 21st March, Mercury class performed their play called ‘Children through the ages’ as part of our class assembly. Written fully by the children, the play took the audience on a whistlestop tour of what life was like for children during different time periods in British history. Beginning in the year 2130, a group of future St. Peter pupils travelled back in time with their teacher to learn about the lives of children throughout history. Their first stop was the Tudor period where the focus was on apprenticeship of children and what the working conditions would be like. Later, the children travelled to the Victorian times where they learnt of the different jobs’ children had to do from the age of 5, many of them being dangerous. Education was not within reach for many children during the Victorian times until Lord Shaftsbury, a member of parliament, partitioned for working hours for children to be reduced and ragged schools to be introduced to all children. The future pupils learnt about this by visiting parliament during the Victorian times and the significant moment that working conditions for children changed by law. The group then travelled back to both the Tudor times, then Victorian and the year 2024 to see what children did for fun during their leisure time. They discovered that children in both Tudor and Victorian times didn’t get much time for leisure but did enjoy going to the town fair. They also learnt that in the year 2024 many children had leisure time to play with friends and travel around from place to place with the advancement of technologies like cars, planes and trains. Finally, the group travelled to a hospital during the Victorian times to see what diseases children had to deal with during that time period and how medicines advanced the wellbeing of children. It was quite an adventure experienced by all, full of facts about what life was like for children throughout the ages.

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