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  Members of St Peter's Governing Body
 Chair of Governing Body Mrs Pamela Lock
 Vice Chair of Governing Body Mr Charles Brock
 Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee Mrs Pamela Lock
 Chair of Resources Committee Mr Charles Brock
 Foundation Governors Rev. Mike Warren (Ex-Officio)
  Mr Matthew Aldous
  Mr Phil Peddar
Local Authority Governor

Mrs Pamela Lock


Associate Governor  Mr Keith Mitchell
 Parent Governors

Mr Matthew Atkinson

Mr John Court

 Staff Governors  

Mrs Joanna Langton (Headteacher)


Mrs Lesley Page


 Co-Opted Governors

Mr Charles Brock

Maddy Walton

Clerk to the Governing Body Mrs Jane Mullis


Governing Body Structure 2022-23


Register of Business Interests

Members of school Governing Bodies are required to register and declare any business interests that might relate to their duties. The principle behind this arrangement is that neither governors, headteachers, businesses or employers should benefit financially from the involvement of governors or headteachers in decisions taken by a governing body or one of its committees.

St Peter's maintains such a register and it is updated annually. We also check at the start of each meeting whether any item on the agenda might lead to a conflict of personal or business interest.  Business and pecuniary interests are recorded on the attachment below:


2022-23 Governor Designations, terms of office, responsibilities and meeting attendance (2021-22)