Curriculum Information

Our approaches to learning and teaching are focused on the pursuit of excellence for each child as he or she gains the skills and knowledge prescribed by the National Curriculum. We have ‘whole-school’ policies to ensure the continuity and smooth progression of each child’s learning so that they receive a balanced curriculum as they progress through the school.


The National Curriculum forms the basis of the school’s teaching objectives, schemes of work and means of assessing your child’s progress and levels of achievement. Our curriculum is kept under review to ensure that there is breadth as well as depth, and that there is ongoing school improvement. All subject areas are developed and taught so as to engender confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills in all the children.


The National Curriculum is divided into the following areas:


In accordance with the objectives, some attainment targets are achieved through combining a number of study areas into an overall topic.


For more specific information on curriculum coverage for individual classes, please see each class' information letters on class pages.