Physical Education (PE)


At St Peter's CEP School, PE is a significant part of the children's learning journey.  We aim to create a culture that encourages all of our children to be active and have positive attitudes towards physical activity and healthy lifestyles.  High quality physical education enables our pupils to become physically confident as well as supporting their health, well-being and fitness, providing foundations for lifelong activity. We strive to inspire our pupils to be physically active every day providing opportunities through PE lessons; incorporation of active lessons across the curriculum; at break times and offer a range of extra-curricular clubs before and after school.  

Through the teaching of PE at St Peter's, we aim to:

  • promote physical activity through enthusiasm, enjoyment and success;
  • promote physical development and improve natural abilities;
  • develop positive attitudes to physical activity including perseverance as well as the ability to cope with success and failure;
  • develop an understanding of the body's needs and the effects of physical activity on the body thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • develop an understanding and acceptance of the need for rules;
  • embed positive attitudes towards self-esteem. co-operative learning, fairness, leadership and respect for others' abilities;
  • provide many varied opportunities for competition both within and outside our school environment. 


Each child in Year 1-6 receives 2 hours of PE a week with specialist coaches or class teachers.  These sessions are planned to cover a broad and full range of skills and activities.  We offer a progressive curriculum in which children are given time to explore and practise these skills, revisiting them again in each year group.  Children have equal opportunities to take part in a range of sports and physical activities within a supportive environment where effort as well as success is recognised. 

In Years 3-6 we offer swimming at Crowborough Leisure Centre, providing opportunities for all children to achieve the swimming requirements within the National Curriculum (see link below).

The children in Reception have regular opportunities to foster physical development including a daily outdoor child-initiated sessions; Bikeability sessions as well as a teacher directed session of PE and games from Term 3.

St Peter’s School participates in regular intra (in school) and inter-school (between other schools) competitions and leagues for football, netball, tag-rugby, cricket and athletics.

There are many after school clubs for seasonal sports including: Football, Netball, Multi-Skills, Gymnastics, Judo and Sports Preparation Club. Some of these are run by school staff and others are run by outside providers. (See ‘Clubs’ section on the school website for more details.)

National Curriculum for Physical Education

Whole-school overview for PE 2022-23

We have been awarded the Active Mark since 2003 for our commitment to physical activity in and out of school and in 2021-22 achieved the School Games Gold KiteMark for the fourth time.

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