World Book Day 2019

For World Book Day all of the children dressed up as their favourite book character. Our day started with a special assembly. After we had celebrated all of the wonderful costumes that the children wore, we watched a special video about the power of reading. A video of Luke Bakic, a TEDxYouth speaker, was shown to the children. He spoke about the numerous benefits and joys of reading and how it has so many advantages. Reading takes you on an adventure, taking you to places you can’t go and allowing you to meet people you would never have the chance to meet!

There were also some special World Book Day activities in classes with Mars Class reading their books that they had dressed up as and then writing about their characters. Pluto Class wrote their own books and then shared these stories. Earth class read books, designed their own book covers and own special bookmarks. Saturn Class designed their own special book token whilst Jupiter Class watched an interview with Lauren Childs and completed a World Book Day quiz.

Written by Joshua and George Ball