Bowles 2021

On Saturday 12th June almost all of year 5 and 6 traveled to Bowles to experience a day packed full of fun and exciting opportunities. The children arrived at 8:30 am and stayed doing activities until 9:30 pm! Amongst the crowds, there was a constant buzz of chatter as Adam the instructor lead us up. Quickly, we were assigned to our groups, then we went for breakfast. We had an array of foods to choose from all through the day giving us vital energy for the range of activities we did. 

High Ropes - In order to be allowed to do the high ropes, we had to wear a harness and helmets, safety first! We climbed to the tops of the trees and completed a range of obstacle courses high above the ground, using our balance and strength. My favourite part was the zip wire because it took a lot of trust and courage to do.  

Orienteering - Another activity we did was orienteering, in this, we needed to be able to read a map and realise where we were. Looking for the markers was challenging but completing the task was rewarding. Although we didn’t come first we didn’t mind and being in the shade was a nice welcome break! 

Skiing - Skiing took a lot of preparation but was definitely worth it. Once we had all of our equipment, we headed to the slope. Despite the skis being really heavy: we luckily had our teacher to carry them for us. After a couple of falls, we were all starting to get the hang of it, so we moved up higher. This time we got to use the ski lift. All the sprinklers were on full power and most of us got super wet! To finish the session off we did a really complex competition where we had to do as many heads, shoulders, knees and toes as we could all whilst skiing at top speed down the slippery slope!  

Rock Climbing - One of the most skillful events we did was rock climbing because of the amount of strength and flexibility it took. We all got two climbs each and we made the most out of them both. We went really high but it was really rewarding knowing we had made it to the top! 

Written by Madeleine Fiddimore