Endurance 2022 - Expedition to find Shackleton's lost ship

In February, a team of researchers and explorers began a search in the Antarctica to look for Shackleton’s lost ship - the Endurance. Sunk in 1915, the Endurance was on an expedition to cross Antarctica, however the ship became trapped and then sank in the Weddell Sea. For over 100 years the ship has never been found, but the Endurance 22 Expedition team hope to be the first to successfully find the Endurance and survey the wreck.

Details of Shackleton and the current expedition were shared with the children at school by Mr Knox and his Powerpoint can be found here.

At St. Peter’s we have had a unique opportunity to find out more about the experience of the expedition team by asking questions directly to TV presenter and Historian Dan Snow. Dan has been documenting the experience and Dan responded with personal messages to each of the classes at St Peter’s, answering many of the questions sent to him by the children. The children have been amazing and stunned by the experience and dedication that goes into searching for something in such a challenging environment.  We look forward to the next update from the expedition.

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