Sports Day 2022

On the morning of Wednesday 22nd June, St Peter's CEP School had their Sports Day.  We were very lucky to have such good weather and to be able to do our activities on the field.  All of the year groups took part and did very well.  All of the teachers and teaching assistants did very well to sort out all of the activities and parents were able to attend too this year.  

We had many different activities going on on the field- shot put, hop, skip, jump, bean bag race, javelin and the standing long jump.  As well as the short distance running races, there were long distance running races and relay races.  Some particularly good highlights were watching the KS1 races and the parent races. However, everyone from Reception to Year 6 showed a great amount of sportsmanship and tried their very best.  This year's Sports Day winners are Dunorlan!