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Eco School



St Peter's would love to become an Eco School! We already carry out a number of eco-friendly actions such as recycling but we would like to do more and increase the children's knowledge of how we can help the environment!

Our first mission in becoming an Eco School is a Cut the Carbon Month during November! All our school families and staff have been given a checklist to try and cut their carbon - at the end of November, the total amount of carbon saved will be counted by our Eco Committee. 

Our second mission is:  As part of our November Carbon-cutting month, we will be organising a second hand adults and children coat swap. This will be a chance to bring in any coats that your children have grown out of or coats that you may have grown tired of and see them go to a new home! We will then sort through everyone’s donations and will then make these available for you to help yourselves to for either yourselves or your children. 

We hope to save the environment from a little bit of carbon which would have been used making new coats!


Future Projects

In December we will be planting over a hundred trees on the school field and we will be needing your help for this! The date is set - Saturday 2nd December so please do put this in your diary, it will be a family effort and friends are more than welcome too! More information will come out about this next term once we have formulated our plan!

If you are able to come and help us plant trees on the 2nd December please fill out this form! 



Recycling Christmas jumpers! We will be holding a stall providing second hand Christmas jumpers - these will be free to help yourselves to, ready for a forthcoming Christmas jumper day we will be holding in school. Therefore, if anyone has a second hand Christmas jumper to donate for the stall, please drop it into the office between 4th December and 8th December.

Please find here a link to give you more information about what we're trying to achieve. Home - Eco Schools (