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Our Eco-Committee

Eco-Committee members - 2023/24


Ollie P

Toby E


Mariana P-D

Henry Q


Mabel R

Jago R

7th December 2023 - Eco-Committee meeting

Discussion about what it means to be an Eco School. 

  • Where can we cut our energy use? (many energy saving devices in our new school building - taps that turn off automatically, lights that turn off with no motion sensed etc)
  • How can we protect and improve our little bit of the planet? (our tree planting - more than 140 trees planted on our school field, Forest School - making bird houses and feeders etc.)
  • We will come up with more ideas with the help of performing our Eco Review. Discussed when we might go through our Eco Review)
  • Discussed our recent project, Carbon Counting. We sent out questionnaires to all our school families to record how much Carbon we use and how we can save it. In our committee meeting we counted up the results and submitted them online.

11th December 2023 - Eco-Committee help

On the 11th December we held a second hand Christmas Jumper stall. Our school families brought in their second hand Christmas Jumpers and we sold them to raise money for our Forest School projects. This was great because it meant we were recycling clothing, learning new skills with taking money and using the card machine and learning how we can raise money for charity and projects.  

4th March 2024 - Eco-Committee meeting

  • We discussed the projects we had already done and how these have helped our school become more Eco-friendly in preparation for our up-coming Assembly. 
  • We discussed how a big part of the Eco-Committee's role is to inform and educate our friends, our teachers and our families. One way to do this is to an Eco Assembly. This is planned for 13th March.
  • We divided up the messages we wanted to get across in our Assembly and everyone practised their lines.

27th March - Eco-Committee met for the Review

We met before school to have a look at the Eco Review that we need to carry out in order to apply for Green Flag status. We looked at three areas of the Review:- 


School Grounds


We scored 6/10 on our Waste - there are a few areas that we can improve on, for example using refillable glue sticks.

We scored 8/10 on our School Grounds

We scored 5/10 on Biodiversity - we need to put in a mini-pond, use bird or animal feeders. 

In May we will continue to look at the Eco Review to see where we can improve our Eco performance.